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Frog it and start again….

// March 24th, 2015 // Comments Off on Frog it and start again…. // RhiCreate

Well…. I’ve been predictably rubbish at keeping this blog, and an overhaul has been on the cards for a while.  So shortly this will be frogged and come back in a new guise…

Forest Cowl

// June 10th, 2012 // Comments Off on Forest Cowl // Crafts, RhiCreate

The Forest Cowl on my neck

Just finished today!  The forest cowl has been on my needles since the travel jumper got finished, although it was frogged a few times before it genuinely became a thing…

I picked up the yarn for this, way back when we were travelling in Finland.  It’s an alpaca yarn, 4 ply and spun in Finland.  Although now that I am in in the land of the alpaca, I wonder if I should have picked a yarn from a more local animal…. perhaps moomin?!

The completed forest cowl

In Scandinavia and many other parts of the world that I have visited in the last 8 months, I’ve noticed how photos of large forested areas always came out looking a bit flat as the light and shadows falling on different areas of the forest is very subtle.  I thought that this particular green yarn, being green and thin, would be perfect for a textured project, with something of the forest in it.

Anyway, I’ve grown quite fond of the practicality of the cowl and needed a small project that didn’t require a return trip to Finland for more yarn!  So, after a bit of fiddling with different textures, I settled on this 2×2 basket weave, which although very regular, takes on a nice bobbly effect in this thin yarn.

Details of the forest cowl's texture

I’ve knitted this a bit tighter than my usual cowls as well, so it can double as a headband or hat, although the length was entirely dependent on when the yarn ran out!  It was an enjoyable knit for long South American buses, and an extra little warmth for the higher altitudes of Bolivia soon to come…

The Jumper! (a belated end of project entry)

// May 26th, 2012 // Comments Off on The Jumper! (a belated end of project entry) // Crafts, RhiCreate

So it was in fact very close to the previously estimated date that my jumper did get finished – April! – and have been wearing it non stop since!  The colours seem to suit New Zealand well so here is a selection of jumper wearing poses from there….

The Travel Knit Project that goes on for miles and miles…

// March 17th, 2012 // Comments Off on The Travel Knit Project that goes on for miles and miles… // Crafts, RhiCreate

Noro Kureyon Sock Jumper in progress

Since I’ve been travelling there has been one particular project on the go, granted it was supposed to be one that would occupy me for a while, but I never quite anticipated that nearly 6 months later it would still not quite be finished… Nevertheless I’m only a sleeve and a half short now, and intending to get it finished off in the next week or so before Autumn really kicks in in New Zealand.

I bought 2 balls of this Noro Kureyon Sock yarn long before I left because the colours were so beautiful, but couldn’t decide to what use it should be put.  A jumper was a possibility but required more yarn than I had.  When I had the idea for this particular project, a quick look on line suggested that the colour might be discontinued…(gasp!) but I managed to find 3 more balls on sale to equip me with sufficient supplies just before leaving.

I’ve been experimenting with my own patterns for a while now, in particular for projects knit in the round, but still haven’t got the maths right for neck decreases, as such I based my design on the very versatile top-down pattern provided by Nancy Rieck on Knitting Gourmet in order to make sure that I wasn’t way off the mark…  The last thing I wanted to do was spend hours knitting a 4ply weight jumper only to have to frog it all again just as I might be hitting climates where it is required!

Anyway here’s the progress so far, it fits well, just a bit short on the arms! Perhaps next week I shall have some results photos.

The Travel Collection: Steppes Hat & Siberian Cowl

// January 17th, 2012 // Comments Off on The Travel Collection: Steppes Hat & Siberian Cowl // Crafts, RhiCreate

My hat and cowl in action on the shores of Lake BaikalIt’s taken me a fair while to post about these projects, although they were both completed before leaving to travel the world.   A good thing that they were too, as both came in very useful in the Siberian & Mongolian Autumn (shown here on the shores of Lake Baikal!) and no doubt will be this time next year when back in the UK.

Both pieces were made from yarn that was already in my stash.  I’d collected a few “one-off” balls from various places – souvenirs really, never enough for a big project and combined those to make these two items.  I realised halfway through that it was actually all British wool, so it seemed a nice idea to take these items around the world!  The bulk of the hat and the red strand in it were from Southbrook Farm in Dartmoor somewhere – I picked those up at a craft market, the green came from the Welsh Wool Museum in Carmarthenshire, the blue in the hat is Rowan Tapestry, and the dark blue used in the cowl is Orkney Angora bought in Edinburgh, and probably the softest yarn known to man…

Pattern-wise, a lot of freestyling involved – both pieces were knitted in the round and so joining, finishing etc was all very straightforward, as was the fair-isle – which I always avoid doing with purl if possible!  The lace pattern used on the cowl is the “Travelling Vine Pattern” which turned out really well as although it uses a very simple repeat (keeps to it’s own space) it gives the impression that it is travelling around the cowl at the same time.

Having had a pretty disastrous history with knitting hats – never the right size – I’m very happy with how they both turned out, especially as they proved invaluable in the prevention of hypothermia while travelling through the Northern climes.  I’m now in Thailand, and both items have been packed away at the bottom of my bag, just waiting for a bit of chill so I can whip them out again!

Welcome to Rhicreate (at last!)

// September 11th, 2011 // Comments Off on Welcome to Rhicreate (at last!) // RhiCreate

Ladies and gentlemen, yes this site has been a long time in the making, I’ve owned the domain for 2 whole renewal cycles, but as every web designer knows, getting your own site sorted is the hardest thing to fit in!

And of course timing is everything, I’m off to travel the world for 9 months in October and despite the site having been sat around for nearly 3 years void of content, I just couldn’t bear the thought of having it sit around for another 9 months, especially as I know computer and internet access will be intermittent.

So thanks to WooThemes, i’ve managed to find a wordpress theme I can actually customise to not hate as much as one of the defaults, saving me a LOT of deliberation time deciding my own design… that can wait until I get back!!  Until then, I hope you folks like it.