Welcome to Rhicreate (at last!)

// September 11th, 2011 // RhiCreate

Ladies and gentlemen, yes this site has been a long time in the making, I’ve owned the domain for 2 whole renewal cycles, but as every web designer knows, getting your own site sorted is the hardest thing to fit in!

And of course timing is everything, I’m off to travel the world for 9 months in October and despite the site having been sat around for nearly 3 years void of content, I just couldn’t bear the thought of having it sit around for another 9 months, especially as I know computer and internet access will be intermittent.

So thanks to WooThemes, i’ve managed to find a wordpress theme I can actually customise to not hate as much as one of the defaults, saving me a LOT of deliberation time deciding my own design… that can wait until I get back!!  Until then, I hope you folks like it.


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