The Travel Knit Project that goes on for miles and miles…

// March 17th, 2012 // Crafts, RhiCreate

Noro Kureyon Sock Jumper in progress

Since I’ve been travelling there has been one particular project on the go, granted it was supposed to be one that would occupy me for a while, but I never quite anticipated that nearly 6 months later it would still not quite be finished… Nevertheless I’m only a sleeve and a half short now, and intending to get it finished off in the next week or so before Autumn really kicks in in New Zealand.

I bought 2 balls of this Noro Kureyon Sock yarn long before I left because the colours were so beautiful, but couldn’t decide to what use it should be put.  A jumper was a possibility but required more yarn than I had.  When I had the idea for this particular project, a quick look on line suggested that the colour might be discontinued…(gasp!) but I managed to find 3 more balls on sale to equip me with sufficient supplies just before leaving.

I’ve been experimenting with my own patterns for a while now, in particular for projects knit in the round, but still haven’t got the maths right for neck decreases, as such I based my design on the very versatile top-down pattern provided by Nancy Rieck on Knitting Gourmet in order to make sure that I wasn’t way off the mark…  The last thing I wanted to do was spend hours knitting a 4ply weight jumper only to have to frog it all again just as I might be hitting climates where it is required!

Anyway here’s the progress so far, it fits well, just a bit short on the arms! Perhaps next week I shall have some results photos.

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