Forest Cowl

// June 10th, 2012 // Crafts, RhiCreate

The Forest Cowl on my neck

Just finished today!  The forest cowl has been on my needles since the travel jumper got finished, although it was frogged a few times before it genuinely became a thing…

I picked up the yarn for this, way back when we were travelling in Finland.  It’s an alpaca yarn, 4 ply and spun in Finland.  Although now that I am in in the land of the alpaca, I wonder if I should have picked a yarn from a more local animal…. perhaps moomin?!

The completed forest cowl

In Scandinavia and many other parts of the world that I have visited in the last 8 months, I’ve noticed how photos of large forested areas always came out looking a bit flat as the light and shadows falling on different areas of the forest is very subtle.  I thought that this particular green yarn, being green and thin, would be perfect for a textured project, with something of the forest in it.

Anyway, I’ve grown quite fond of the practicality of the cowl and needed a small project that didn’t require a return trip to Finland for more yarn!  So, after a bit of fiddling with different textures, I settled on this 2×2 basket weave, which although very regular, takes on a nice bobbly effect in this thin yarn.

Details of the forest cowl's texture

I’ve knitted this a bit tighter than my usual cowls as well, so it can double as a headband or hat, although the length was entirely dependent on when the yarn ran out!  It was an enjoyable knit for long South American buses, and an extra little warmth for the higher altitudes of Bolivia soon to come…

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